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wooly mammoth - prehistoric animals - pleistocene

mammuthus primigenius

Wooly Mammoth - prehistoric animals - Pleistocene

Oil painting

WOOLY MAMMOTH mammuthus primigenius
This well known mammoth was a cold climate dweller equipped with a thick layer of fat for insulation, and an exterior of long black hair. It was smaller than most mammoths, and had a hump of fat behind its domed head. It fed on low tundra vegetation in which it scraped away snow and ice from with its ivory tusks. Several well preserved remains have been found in Siberia and Alaska and cave paintings in Spain and France show depictions of the Wooly Mammoth as seen by early humans. The mammuthus primigenius went extinct only about 10,000 years ago.

TIME - Late Pleistocene
RANGE - Europe / North America / Asia
DIET - Tundra vegetation
SIZE - 9ft. (2.7m) high

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